At The Vegetable Market Today

We visited our favorite local vegetable market this morning to restock our pantry.


Here is a look at what we found in season and some of what came home with us.



We always enjoy our visits to the vegetable market, we have been shopping at the same one for 20+ years and we know everyone there. Some of the staff are former students from my school teaching days. Everyone is sooo friendly and always glad to see us when we come in.


One of the first things we found when we walked in was plenty of sweet potatoes.

red sweet potatoeswhite sweet potatoes










There were all types of onions available, by the bag and loose, any color you wanted.



We had fresh broccoli, a favorite in our house. I shared one of our favorite recipes for broccoli in another post.




They also had green onions or some people call them scallions. Green Onions


















Oranges are definitely in season in our part of the country. Being right on the border with Florida, we can get oranges, and they are big and juicy. There were plenty of them at the vegetable market today.






Tomatoes are what we are still getting from Mexico. I don’t eat them but my husband says they will do if these are the only ones we can get. He prefers the homegrown tomatoes we get in the summer.




Our Trip To The Vegetable Market

This is what we came home with today, along with a few other things like Vidalia Onion Dressing to go on sandwiches and apples to make more apple butter.


What Can We Do With The Sweet Potatoes?

I posted a recipe for Rosemary Sweet Potatoes several weeks ago. Now is a good time to try it while sweet potatoes are still in season.

Remember, sweet potatoes are better for a diabetics diet than white potatoes. How do they fit into your diet? Get my Free Personal Meal Planning Worksheet just by clicking here.

What recipes do you have for sweet potatoes or any of the other vegetables we found at the vegetable market this morning? Please share your recipes with us in the comments below.




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