Cooking Carrots

I have tried several ways of cooking carrots, but our favorite way has become in the oven. I know, that sounds crazy. Let me tell you how I do it.




The carrots come out so sweet and tender when cooked this way. It’s really easy because you kinda just start them cooking and forget about them.





Here’s how I cooked them:


I started with about 10 carrots, just the kind in the bag at the grocery store.  You can us organic carrots if you like, I personally don’t spend the extra money. bagged carrots

I cleaned them, peeled them, and cut off the tips and back ends.


I then cut them into about 1-inch pieces. If the carrot was too big around, I cut it in half or in quarters, whatever was a good size to eat.


I then melted about 1-2 Tablespoons of butter in the


microwave (I don’t measure exactly) and poured it over the carrots in a bowl.


After mixing thoroughly to coat each piece, I spread them on a baking sheet that had been covered in aluminum foil (makes for easier clean-up).


While I was preparing the carrots my oven was preheating to 350 degrees.


After evenly spreading the carrots in a single layer on the baking sheet, I placed them in the oven for about 30 minutes.

carrots on pan


Check after the timer goes off to see if they are tender. Of course, carrots can be eaten a little firmer. We like them when they ‘bite back’ just a little bit.


Place them in a bowl for serving, letting the butter left in the pan drizzle over the carrots.


Some people like to put a little parsley or dill on the carrots at this point and mix it in or leave on the top for garnish. We prefer to eat them just the way they come out of the oven, piping hot and sweet.



Carrots In Your Diet


How is this carrot recipe going to fit into your diet? Non-starchy vegetables were discussed in another post, explaining how to count each into your diet each day.


Do you have other recipes for carrots or other non-starchy vegetables that you would like to share? Please post the recipe or a link in the comments below so we can try them.



Nutritional information provided by Lilly Diabetes

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