Learning New Ways to Cook

Green BeansGrowing Up

I learned to cook at the elbow of my Grandmother and Mother, both good Southern cooks. As all Southern Girls did, we ate everything fried or cooked to death in fat back.

Of course, no one left the table until their plate was cleaned after a second helpin’. Needless to say, there were not too many people who would be considered ‘skin and bones’ in our family.



When I went to college I gained the freshman 15 and the sophomore 15 and the junior 15 and the senior 15. During football season, it wasn’t too bad because I was in the marching band and that helped A LOT because we marched 2+ hours a day, 6 days a week.

It was in graduate school that I discovered there was a Weight Watchers line in the cafeteria and that food was pretty good. I finally lost most of the weight I had gained.


Married Life

When I met the man who would become my husband, he ate totally different, not being from the South. My Mother called him a Yankee, in truth he is from the midwest. I learned a different way to cook for him and it wasn’t too bad.

After about 20 years, he had a HEART ATTACK! There goes the salt, and everybody knows us good Southern Girls are heavy with the salt. I learned to cook with No Salt. A year later, Heart Attack number 2.

We had already cut our salt, everything canned, and almost all processed foods. The Doctor said that it would have happened no matter what we had done.


Where We Are Today

Fast forward to February 2015. I changed Doctors. My new doctor did blood work to establish baselines. She brought me back in a month for more blood work. She brought me back in another month for more tests and the results. You have DIABETES! Now we have to cut the Carbs and the Sugar and learn to cook all over again.

Being from the South, I love my mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. We also love Italian food in our house. There goes the regular pasta.

I love to cook and bake and eat what I cook and bake. Now I have to figure our how to cook what I love to eat and it not all taste like cardboard.

What Else

I like to piddle with my sewing machine that was my Mother’s and to fuss at my/her serger (I did learn to thread the darn thing). So, I will be sharing a few of the projects I like along the way too. Mainly, I just repair holes in pockets and hem everything I buy because I am vertically challenged. My feet do reach the floor though.

We also have a photography/videography business we run from our home. I will share some stories about the beautiful brides we work with along the way, we have some wonderful stories to tell.


Our Journey

I hope to take you on this journey with me as I learn to cook a different way, without carbs and sugar for me and without salt for my husband. Along the journey, I hope to make everything taste not like cardboard and shoe leather.

I will be trying to convert recipes and some of my favorite dishes to sugar-free, low carb, salt-free foods that taste good. I will be sharing what I learn on my journey to healthier eating.

I hope you enjoy some of the recipes I share and maybe send me some of your’s and allow me to share them too. If you have some sewing tips or photography/videography tricks, please share those too. Let’s all learn to do things a different way together.


Happy Healthy Cooking



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