A Pillow In A Quilt

Pillow In A Quilt, or a Quillow, was one of the sewing projects I learned from my Mother. She was an extremely talented seamstress, owning her own business specializing in weddings. She did all the dresses for my wedding, including mine, with hand beading on them all.

When you received a pillow in a quilt you knew it was made with love. One day Mother finally taught me how to make them. They aren’t hard, just moving all the fabric around makes it look difficult. 




Supplies needed:

2 1/2 yds. each of two fabrics, at least 45″ wide.

One piece of polyester batting 45″ x72″; one piece of polyester batting 18″ square.


For Pillow Pocket:

Cut one 18″ square of each fabric

Cut one 18″ square of polyester batting


For Quilt:

Cut one 45″x 72″ piece of each fabric

Cut one 45″x 72″ piece of polyester batting


1. Prepare Pillow Pocket

Pillow in a Quilt 1a


With right sides together, pin both fabric squares together, having raw edges even. Pin the batting to the backing fabric, with raw edges even.









Pillow in a Quilt 1b


Stitch together using 1/2″ seam, leaving an 8″ opening in the center of one edge to turn. Back stitch at the opening to reinforce. Trim the corners.








Pillow in a Quilt 2a



Turn pocket right side out and press. Turn under 1/2″ on opening edge and stitch it closed.








Pillow in a Quilt 2b2. Prepare Quilt:

With right sides together, pin the two fabrics, having raw edges even.

Pin batting to the wrong side of the backing fabric, edges even.

Stitch together using 1/2″ seam, leaving a 12″ opening in one end for

turning. Trim corners. Turn right side out, press and stitch closed the                                                                                       opening.


3. Attaching the Pocket

Measure the center of one edge of the pocket and one short end of the                                                                                       quilt.

Pillow in a Quilt 3aWith the backing facing up (both pocket and quilt) place the pocket on

quilt, matching the center markings.

Machine stitch 1/4″ from edges of the pocket, leaving the inner most edge open.




Pillow in a Quilt 3b4. Quilting

Mark two straight quilting lines from inner edge of pocket to the opposite end of the quilt. Keeping all thicknesses of the quilt smooth, machine stitch along the marked lines.







5. Folding Quilt into Pocket

Pillow in a Quilt 4a


a. On a flat surface, place quilt with pocket side down. Fold quilt into third, overlapping long edges.







Pillow in a Quilt 4b


b. Turn the pocket over the end of the quilt.








Fold remaining end of the quilt into thirds and continue folding into the pocket, forming a pillow.

Quillo hand drawn0005c













I have made longer quilts for taller people, just fold the quilt into quarters when putting it into the pillow. We like to make them using college logo material in our family. We also make matching pillows. Those are the easy part, just get a pillow from the craft store and cover it in the same material as the quillow.


These make nice additions to dorm rooms, especially in the cold winter months. I know when our son was in college and I took him one. Everyone in the dorm wanted to know if his Mom would make one for them. I could have made a killing on these things from college kids.




This idea was originally from  Simplicity Pattern Co.

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