Shepherd’s Pie, A Different Twist

Everyone has eaten Shepherd’s Pie, all piled high with yummy mashed potatoes, steaming hot and oh so good.

But what do you do if you aren’t supposed to eat all those potatoes and you still want your comfort foods, especially when it’s cold outside?



Well, find an alternate of course. I went looking online for shepherd’s pie recipes and I came up with the traditional ones with lamb and beef. I even found a few using chicken. But they all  had mashed potatoes piled high on the top. So I started thinking, why can’t I use cauliflower? I’m willing to try anything one time.


Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie

chopped veggies


I started out the usual way with chopping two carrots and an onion into pretty small pieces.





meat and veggies in pan

I added the veggies to some ground sirloin that I had browned. I didn’t use lamb because it is just so expensive in our part of the country. I had bought the ground sirloin on sale cheaper that just ground beef at one of our local grocery stores. It produced very little fat while cooking. I then added a handful of frozen lima beans, I didn’t have any peas and we like limas. Shepherd’s Pie is one of those dishes that you can add whatever you have and not really worry about it.



Now we needed some gravy, time for a roux. This was one of the first things I learned to make from scratch.



It kinda looks nasty in the first stage while the flour is browning.






But when you add in the broth, oh boy, what a beautiful sight. I added some Worshertershire sauce to add a kick to things.

This beautiful gravy was added to the meat and vegetables.




ready for cauliflower


After a quick spray with cooking spray, the mixture was spread evenly in a pan and was ready to be topped not with mashed potatoes, but with………..






cauliflower to mash

Cauliflower. W A I T!!!! That’s not mashed.

I added a little sour cream, non-fat of course, and an egg yolk to stiffen things up. I then turned to my trusty immersion blender and mashed it like potatoes. (Don’t you love my grandmother’s bowl? I’ll have to show the outside sometimes, it’s gorgeous.) I did cheat a little here. I used the steam in bag cauliflower from the grocery store and not a head that I had to prepare. I used two bags.



ready for broiler


Here it is. Doesn’t it look like mashed potatoes? I put it under the broiler turned on high for about 8 minutes. Just watch it, you want it to begin to brown just a little, but definitely not to burn. After all, everything is already cooked, you’re just browning the top.



finished shepherds pie


Here it is, the finished product, all nice and piping hot. I added a little paprika and some parsley to make things look pretty. It was wonderful. We had a little bit of a chilly night when I made this, making it all the better. (We do get cold on the Gulf Coast occasionally.) Let’s just say, there was none left. Our dog had a little taste of the inside, with the onions removed of course, and she  highly approved. So I guess you can say this recipe has the “Annie stamp of approval”.

This recipe is adapted from Rachael Ray because I like the way she cooks.

Please let me know if you try this recipe, or any other, how you like it. I would love for you to share your favorite recipe for everyone to try.





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